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About Computer

  1. The word Computer comes from the word "compute", Which means, "to calculate".
  2. Thereby, a Computer is an electronic device that can perform arithmetic operations at high speed
  3. A computer is also called a data processor because it can store, process, and retrieve data whenever desired

Some definitions
  1. An electronic machine that accepts input, process data, store data, and produces output.
  2. Computer is an electronic device that is used to solve different kind of problems according to the set of instruction given to it.
  3. An electronic device of storing and processing data a according to instructions given to it.
  4. An electronic device that get some instruction (data) from user, process on it (according to set of instruction/rules) and produce results (information).
  5. Data can be numbers, Text, Images, Graphics, and Sound, etc.
  6. Computer program is a set of instructions. without it computer is useless