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Faculty of Krishna Coaching Centre

Mr. Manoj Sharma

Founder and Director of Krishna Coaching Centre.

Our only and only Motivation is to provide quality study and to promote Knowledge to everyone, not only for those who are students of Collages & Schools also for working and Non-Working people who wants to study.


Mr. Abhishek Sharma

Founder of Krishna Coaching Centre and President of Arya Samaj Shiksha Sanghthan.

Web DesignerC, C++
JavaJava Script
Linux AdministrationDBMS


Mr. Vivek Sharma

IT Director of Krishna Coaching Centre and Web Designer.

Web DesigningHacking, Ethical Hacking
JavaAndroid App Developer
Database AdministratorDBMS


Mr. Saurabh Rastogi

Knwledge and Experience in Business Management.



Mr. Prateek Sharma

Photo editor work for publications to select and prepare photographs for Krishna Coaching Centre projects. He manage a staff of photographers and work as a photographer as well as the photo editor.


Ms. Komal Singh

Elementary School Teacher


Ms. Priyanka Tomar

Elementary School Teacher